Counselor Chatter

ATTAWAYTOGO for another great Summer!!!!
CLH is the best because our COUNSELORS are the BEST!!!
Thank you!  Take a look at where everyone is attending College!



C3 counselors reunite at a Texas A&M football game! Samantha Snider (Texas A&M university) and Kat McManigle (Texas State University) met at camp this summer.

Ellen Hagen, Indian Springs,….Austin High district champs.  She is listed in AAS as one of top free throw percentages – 73%!
Attawaytogo, Ellen!


Second term counselor Madeline Simpson from Houston ran into Johnny Rob at a restaurant in Rockport where Madeline was celebrating her grandfather's birthday!

Zachary Terrell, third term counselor Indian Springs, along with three Longhorn teammates have made the cut and been selected to represent The University of Texas, Austin in the second season of the Battlefrog College Championship on ESPN primetime! Battlefrog is three episodes long and features a relay-race obstacle format consisting of 20 obstacles. They are excited to represent the Longhorns on national TV! Casting is done, and filming was over spring break. The episodes will air sometime in June or July 2016. Be on the lookout! HOOK 'EM Attawaytogo!


This is Anna Seale, many years a camper and now a counselor at Inks Lake and daughter of alumni Steve & Marty Seale. Anna is a junior at Jasper High School in Jasper, Texas. They are classified as a 4A high school by the UIL. This year for the first time in UIL (University Interscholastic League) history, cheerleading was considered a sport along with football, basketball, etc. Jasper High School won first place in the Division 4A competition, and Anna is on that cheerleading team! Attawaytogo, Anna and and Jasper High School cheerleaders! What an accomplishment over many, many schools and what a beautiful trophy Anna is holding!

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This is picture perfect! Medora Neely and Caroline McDaniel named all 276 campers third term!!