Camp Chatter: Indian Springs

What are you doing at school? Are you in sports, band, or clubs? Earn Merits by sending in your news!

4th termers, Mallory Franke, Anna Whitworth, Mallory Adamson….and Makenna Adamson, Kate Pauling…are pictured
cheering at the TCU and Oklahoma State Football Game!!  Can you tell which team they were cheering for to win?

Tripp Rolle, 2nd termer, attended the Braves game in Atlanta!

Ayden Barringer, 1st termer, earned her letter in Cross Country by making the
Varsity team as a Freshman.  Only 12 girls out of 40 made the Varsity.
She was one out of two freshman at Bishop McGuinees High School!
Attawaytogo, Ayden!

Brooke Myers (1st termer, Springs) and Madi Lane (2nd termer, Inks Lake) had a
school pep rally at Midland Christian.  Thought they would bring a bit
of Camp Longhorn spirit to the pep rally!  Attawaytogo, Girls!

Livia Sauls, shows off her acceptance letter for 1st Term.  She’s so excited
to join her three siblings next year!  Attaway, Livia!!


Lucy Thompson, 2nd termer, Pony to Be, was very excited to receive her placement news!

Harper Joiner,2nd termer,  Pony to Be, was so very excited to receive her placement letter!

Aiden Schmitt (1st termer) and Taliana Berrelez (1st termer) attended their first UT Longhorn football game,
Oct. 7th.  They cheered the Horns to a victory against Kansas State.

Katherine Hebert (3rd term Indian Springs) and Rebecca Buell ( 2nd Term Inks Lake) sending an “Attawaytogo”
during the Cistercian Homecoming.

Sept. 1st, Taliana Berrelez (1st Termer) experienced a wonderful surprise while at a Texas Ranger game…
she ran into one of her cabin mates, Isabella Villarreal. The Pony Ups had a grand time catching up
and cheering for the Rangers.


Some longhorn girls eating sushi!
Maribelle Gordon (1st term Indian Springs),Rylan Whitcomb (2nd term Indian Springs), Daryn Mehling (2nd term Indian Springs), Ryan Pipkin (1st Term Inks),
Suzannah Gilmartin (3rd term Indian Springs), Skyler Swanson (3rd term inks), Lindsey Price (3rd term inks), Alice Hogan (3rd term Inks),
Gabriella Fuller (3rd term Inks), Sarah Swanson (3rd term inks)

Eli Polly (2nd termer) has been elected as Student Council 4th grade class representative at
Tanglewood Elementary.  Pictured above of him wearing his CLH socks for Crazy Sock Day at school.
Attawaytogo, Eli!

Longhorn campers and prospective camper volunteering at BBVA Compass Stadium after Hurricane Harvey.
Left to Right:  Ava Rodriguez (future camper), Anna Beasley (4th term), & Connor Rodriguez (4th term).

Cousins get together after camp to send “Attaways” your way!!  All had a fun time at Camp Longhorn!
(L to R)  Lucy Livingston – C3 1st Term, Bluebonnet Cabin, Lilly Hutchison – Springs 4th Term, Bronco Cabin,
Will Livingston – C3 4th Term, Gasper Goo Cabin, Trey Snavely – Springs 4th Term, Raccoon Cabin.

Look who wore her CLH shirt on the first day of school for the second year in a row!
She started out with a dress and then changed into this. She said it's her "happy shirt."
Mom is so happy that Sydney loves camp as much as she did. :)