Merit Store FAQs


  • Why isn’t there a picture of the care package on the website? Can you tell me what is in it?

    A: There are a few reasons that a picture of the care packages isn’t posted. For one, we want it to be a complete surprise for your camper! Care packages also vary by age/cabin and gender, so there are several packages that we put together. The Merit Store directors carefully choose items that are both fun and practical so they can be used while at camp and then later at home. Most items in the packages are custom designed for Camp Longhorn and are packed in a special backpack, bag, or handy container. If you would like to know the specifics before ordering, contact the Merit Store director at the camp that your child attends (see below under “Contact”).



  • Why can’t I order something from the “Ship Home” section of the website and have it sent to my camper while they’re at camp if I list their camp address as the shipping address?

    A: There are several reasons for this that we realize may not be obvious:

    • We keep the “Ship Home” and “In Camp” items separate. We think of them as different stores with separate inventories and methods of procurement. This helps us gauge how many we should order for the summer and helps keep our online inventory accurate.
    • We carefully select “In Camp” items that are good for the cabins and not breakable, too bulky, or little bitty and likely to get lost.
    • Some of the “Ship Home” items are available in the Merit Store during the term for merits only. So, we try to keep items available for merits separate from those that parents can buy for dollars. That keeps things fair so some campers don’t receive something as a gift that another camper might have to spend hard-earned merits to buy.
  • Why can’t I buy something for my camper from another branch of Camp Longhorn and have it sent to them while at camp?

    A: The short answer is logistics. Each Merit Store has its own inventory and its own mailroom. We simply don’t have the time or staff that it would take to fill orders by the deadline for that day’s mail and get it to the right camp for mail call. Although we’re all Camp Longhorn and share the same traditions, each Merit Store director orders quantities and sizes for a particular branch and its unique customs, dance themes, and personality. For these reasons, “In Camp” orders placed for a camper at another branch will be cancelled.

  • Why was my order cancelled?

    A: The most common reason for a cancelled order is that an order is placed at one branch for a camper who is at one of the other two branches of Camp Longhorn (see above for further explanation). Another reason might be that an item you ordered is no longer available. If we have it in another color or size, we will often reach out and offer the option to swap. If you don’t respond after a day or so, we will cancel and credit that item. For any cancellation, you should receive an email confirmation that shows the item, the reason for its cancellation, and the amount to be refunded.

  • The deadline for ordering something for my camper during the term has passed. Is there any way to still get it sent to my camper?

    A: The deadline is set for a couple of reasons:

    • The Merit Store shifts gears at the end of the term for final camper shopping and to prep for V-Day!
    • Campers begin packing up their trunks at the end of the term and store them outside of the cabin. So, we try to minimize any new items coming in the mail that day that will just be packed up.

    If you really need something to go to your camper, such as an emergency item or birthday gift, you can try contacting the Merit Store director at the branch that your camper attends (see “Contact” below).



  • Can I return or exchange something that didn’t fit?

    A: Of course! Please mail items back to the Merit Store and include a note (or email) to let us know whether you would like to exchange an item or return it. Please return items to the Merit Store from which you ordered:

    Camp Longhorn Inks Lake
    Attn: Merit Store
    1 Longhorn Road
    Burnet, TX 78611

    Camp Longhorn Indian Springs
    Attn: Merit Store
    1000 Indian Springs Road
    Burnet, TX 78611

    Camp Longhorn C3
    Attn: Merit Store
    108 Attaway Lane
    Burnet, TX 78611

  • Help! I ordered the wrong size shirt, and I chose the wrong cabin sticker and charm.

    A: No problem. See above for how to return or exchange items. Pro tip: always make sure to use the dropdown menus for products that can be customized by year or cabin. When ordering clothing and hats, double check that you have selected the correct size, whether youth or adult, too.