2023 March Merit Questions


Each camper must submit their own answers!  Please do not send one answer sheet for multiple campers.  Earn TWO MERITS for each question answered correctly.  Email your answer sheets to one of the email
addresses below or print out the page and mail in.  All answers are due by the end of this month.

Campers  Name__________________________________Term____________

(Circle correct answer or fill in the blank)

1.  What is the last day of camp called?    ___________

2.  The moon reflects the sun’s light.         
           A. true                      B. false 

3.  The Mississippi is the widest river in the United States.       
           A. true                      B. false 

4.  In what year was volleyball invented?     
           A.1975    B. 1945   C. 1955   D. 1895

5.  How many stripes are on the United States Flag?
           A. 30      B. 13      C. 10     D. 50

6.  A root that we can eat is a_________.
           A. flower    B. leaf   C. stem    D. carrot

7.  What is the largest mammal in the ocean?
           A. Blue Whale     B. Walrus    C. Manatee     D. Octopus

8.  How many families of owls are there?
           A. 1     B. 2     C. 3   D. 4

9.  What type of fish is also known as the Silver King         
           A. Dolphin                 C. Atlantic Tarpon
           B. Sailfish                  D. none of the above
10.  How many body parts does an insect have?
           A. 2     B. 6     C. 3   D. 4

Email or Mail answers to your appropriate camp.

Inks Lake                                                        

Krystal Winkler
1 Longhorn Rd.
Camp Longhorn Inks Lake
Burnet, Tx 78611


Indian Springs
Kim Schuman
1000 Indian Springs Rd
Burnet, Tx 78611


Cecilia Freeman
108 Attaway Ln.
Burnet, Tx 78611