Merit Questions

March 2018 Merit Questions

You now EARN 2 MERITS for each correct answer!

Each Camper must submit their own answers! Please don't send one answer sheet for multiple campers!
Earn TWO MERITS for each question answered correctly.
Email your answer sheets to one of the email addresses below or print out page and mail in .

1.  Name one animal that you can find in Camp’s petting zoo.

2.  What star is closest to Earth. 

3.  What is the longest river on the Earth?

4.  Name a sport that is played with a raquet and a net. 

5.  Who was the first President to live in the White House?  

6.   Name two major parts of a flower plant. 

7.  What is a baby beaver called?

8.  What do you call the coloured part of the eye?

9.  Name one type of bird that has all red feathers.  

10.  Fish breathe underwater using their  ____________.    

    Answers need to be postmarked BEFORE the LAST DAY
    of this month to receive merits!

    Your Name:_______________________________________Term:_________

    Put your name and term you attend!

    Inks Lake Campers mail answers to: Indian Springs Campers mail answers to: C3 Campers mail answers to:

    Cindy Hert
    Camp Longhorn Inks Lake
    #1 Camp Longhorn Road
    Burnet, Texas 78611

    or email

    Kim Meyers
    Camp Longhorn Indian Springs
    1000 Indian Springs Road
    Burnet, Texas 78611

    or email

    Cecilia Freeman
    Camp Longhorn C3
    108 Attaway Ln
    Burnet, Texas 78611

    or email