Merit Questions

2020 November Merit Questions

Each Camper must submit their own answers!  Please do not send one answer sheet for multiple campers.
Earn TWO MERITS for each question answered correctly.  Email your answer sheet to one of the email
addresses below or print out the page and mail in:

Campers Name_______________________________ Term____________ 


(Circle correct answer or fill in the blank)

1. What do you call the water fountains at Camp?    

            A.  Face squirters       B.   Drink sites       C.  Ol’ facefuls       D.  Thirst quenchers

2.  A “new moon” is when you cannot see any part of the moon.

             A.  True               B. False

3.  What is the name of the latitude that divides the Earth into the Northern and Southern hemispheres?   

            A.  Center line     B.  Midline      C. Equator       D. International line

4.  Baseball originated from the English game “Rounder”  Who invented the game of baseball in 1845?  

            A. Ben Franklin       B. Casey        C. Abner Doubleday        D. Alexander Cartwright

5.  Who delivered the famous “I have a dream” speech?     

           A.  Franklin Roosevelt     B. Harry Truman     C.  Martin Luther King, Jr     D.  Abraham Lincoln

6.  Botany is the study of _________________.  

          A.  roots     B.  plants    C.  science   D.  cells

7.  How many colors are in the Rainbow?
           A.  eight       B. ten     C. six      D.   seven

8.  Which of the following birds can learn to talk?

         A.  Parrots and Cockatiels      B.    Canaries and Bluebirds     C.  Turtle Doves     D.  Buzzards

9.  Circle the lizard that can NOT run on their back legs?  

         A.  Basilisk lizard     B. Rusty lizard    C.  Frilled lizard      D.  Collared lizard

10.  Wee Willie Winkle!    Runs through the town!    Upstairs!    Downstairs!      In his ______________. 

        A. swim suit     B. cat’s pajamas     C. rain coat     D. night gown



Inks Lake Campers mail answers to: Indian Springs Campers mail answers to: C3 Campers mail answers to:

Krystal Winkler
Camp Longhorn Inks Lake
#1 Camp Longhorn Road
Burnet, Texas 78611

or email

Kim Meyers
Camp Longhorn Indian Springs
1000 Indian Springs Road
Burnet, Texas 78611

or email

Cecilia Freeman
Camp Longhorn C3
108 Attaway Ln
Burnet, Texas 78611

or email