Merit Question Time!

2023 October Merit Questions

Each camper must submit their own answers!  Please do not send one answer sheet for multiple campers.  Earn TWO MERITS for each question answered correctly.  Email your answer sheets to one of the email
addresses below or print out the page and mail in.  All answers are due by the end of this month.

Campers  Name__________________________________Term____________

(Circle correct answer or fill in the blank)

1.  What do you call the time of day when all campers and counselors relax in their cabins?
           A. Nap Time     B. Chill Time     C. Sleeping Time     D. Quiet Time

2.  All planets have moons.       
           A. True          B. False 

3.  The capital city of the United States is  
           A. Philadelphia      B. New York City    C. Washington, D.C.    D. Austin

4.  In bobsleighing, this must be worn to prevent head injuries.
           A. Helmet    B. Gloves    C. Scarf   D. Armguard

5.  Who became the President of the United States after Abraham Lincoln?
           A. Thaddeus Stevens    B. Ulysses S Grant    C. Rutherford B. Hayes    D. Andrew Johnson

6.  Is a dog’s nose more than 1,000 times more sensitive than a humans’ nose?
           A. True         B. False  

7.  How many heart chambers does a cockroach have?
           A. 3     B. 0      C. 12     D.1
8.  A woodpecker has a special bone called the ______ that absorbs shocks during pecking and
           protects the skull.        A. Tibia     B. Hyoid    C. Hammer   D. Clavicle

9.  A squid has how many arms?       
           A. 6       B. 8         C. 4     D. 10
10.  In Finding Nemo, what is the name of Nemo’s mom?     
      A.  Coral      B. Snow White     C. Dora     D. None of the above

Inks lake
Krystal Winkler
1 Longhorn Rd.
Camp Longhorn Inks Lake
Burnet, Tx 78611

Indian Springs
Kim Schuman
1000 Indian Springs Rd
Camp Longhorn Indian Springs
Burnet, Tx 78611

Cecilia Freeman
108 Attaway Ln.
Camp Longhorn C3
Burnet, Tx 78611